Scenario App

Using scenarios in the classroom


What can the Scenario App do?

With the Scenario Apps for iOS and Android, the Scenario Games created by the schools will be made playable and can be used easily in the classroom. They will be available in the Play Store and App Store.

Using React Native, the app was quickly completed for both iOS and Android so that every student could participate.

Play scenarios

With its modern and playful design, the app awakens the desire to learn. It contains many features of modern e-learning apps.

In the classroom

With support for iOS and Android devices, every student can use the app in class.

Scenario structure

What does a scenario look like in the app?

Scenario Games - inspired by online Escape Rooms - deal with overarching topics such as climate change, society and sustainability in general, which are linked to mathematical and scientific (STEM) tasks. The aim is to stimulate creative thinking through play, consolidate specialist knowledge and strengthen digitalization in school lessons. In this way, new enthusiasm for STEM subjects is to be awakened.

To illustrate a scenario in the app, we created a prototype scenario with the theme "European Union".

Play scenarios

Choose the scenario that interests you and play it instantly in the app. You can also filter by topics that interest you or by grade level.

Scenario description

Learn more about the script in the description and find out what it is about and who it is for. Maybe the description will help you!

Tips for tasks

Get tips on how to complete the task with the highest score to get more points.

The final result

You will get statistics about the tasks you have completed as soon as you finish them. Total time, percentage of correctly completed tasks and penalty time for tasks not completed correctly.

Correct answers

You can also see all the correct answers at the end and compare them with the answers you chose.

The Scenario Creator is open source!

So you can work on it and follow the development live.